Aug 24, 2011

Here's another item I am excited about for Fall:

Bold Trousers!!!

Express Signature Stretch Wide Leg Editor Pant $69.90
*Photo courtesy of

Currently on backorder, I hope that these will join my closet sometime next month. They are so Rachel Zoe! I keep making up outfits in my head and some of my favorites right now are:

  1. A pair of nude heels, cream blouse, leopard skinny belt.
  2. A pair of nude heels, a super patterned blouse.
  3. Brown heels, a brown fur vest with a long gold necklace.
  4. A classic trench coat and red heels.
  5. A cobalt blue blouse and nude heels (fall colorblocking)
Let me know what you guys think! 

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Aug 19, 2011

Classic Trench Coat - London Fog/Burberry

Okay, I know that it is HOT. It's been in the 100s here in Texas for a while now and it is not getting any better in the next 2 months. I always get really jealous of other parts of the US when Back to School starts and there are all those sales on Fall stuff. REALLY? Who wants to buy a coat or a jacket right now? I mean thinking about it makes me sweat.

Sweat so much that I have not been able to get something out of my mind - the classic tan Trench Coat. Classic. Elegant. Timeless.

*Burberry Trench Coat picture courtesy of net-a-porter. $1,095.

I have 3 trench coats. BUT, a classic tan Burberry trench coat will always be something on my ULTIMATE CLOSET list.  I have had one for years. It is posted inside my closet and encompasses everything that I strive to fill my closet with. From the things that I lust for to the things that I believe are just basic necessities. I am forever adjusting, tweaking, and adding to that list. The Burberry Trench Coat is one of the top items that I seek. I have read that people find theirs at a thrift shop or consignment store. WHERE? The ones here must really suck then, because it's usually just a bunch of crap. I have read that some people acquire them through eBay. REALLY? For the hiked up auction price that usually entails I could just spend an extra $50 and buy a brand new one from an actual Burberry store.

Still I crave the style factor that a classic trench gives you and I can be somewhat reasonable when it comes to fashion. So next to some of my top items are similar items or substitutions. Such as the London Fog Trench Coat.

*Photo courtesy of

My dad has had a London Fog full length coat for years. It is water resistant, has a removable liner for colder days and has worn well for him over his suits, casual clothing and serves as a raincoat. So what has kept me from diving in? It has a lot to do with my lust for the Burberry. I put that to rest today though. I ordered the one above from Macy's online and I know that I will love it. Get much use out of it, and eventually someday when the time comes to retire it hopefully I will settle up for the Burberry :)

I got mine online, it retails for $99.98, and was on sale today, combined with a $10 coupon and no sales tax.

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Aug 18, 2011

Missoni for Target

I LOVE special designer collections for Target. I have not loved every designers line so far, but there have been some awesome ones that's for sure!

I always intend to pick up certain things from some lines and then forget. By the time I head into the store the items are sold out or are the wrong size.

I am determined this time though!!! Oh Missoni how I love thee! How I love your 70s vibe prints and your knits.

I know I want a cardigan. Now I have to wait until I can see the seperate pieces and determine just which one. Maybe something for my home too. Oh, September 13th HURRY!!!

*Photos courtesy of Target's online Lookbook

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Aug 8, 2011

I got my Scentsy on......

So I dove in and ordered some Scentsy.

It's hard to ignore the countless vehicles that I see on the roads when I drive around with the swirly white letters on the rear window. They are literally everywhere. So what is the big deal???

Then a friend of mine posted her new venture as a Scentsy consultant on facebook and it brought me one step closer. It actually got me to look at the website. So many pretty warmers, numerous scents, sprays and car air freshener circles. There are even scented stuffed animals for the kids! It was a little overwhelming to read about all the scents, trying to decide on them was frustrating and I ended up just leaving the site without purchasing. How can you buy without smelling? It made my nose hurt.

THEN a youtuber that I watch made a video showing her Scentsy collection and one little warmer stuck out so much. A pink frosted green sheathed cupcake. Now do I have to tell you that the sheer cuteness of the little booger pulled at my heartstrings? It was July's monthly special and 10% off if your ordered it and the monthly scent deemed "Birthday Cake." What a great way to start and it cost me $22 for both the warmer and the scent bar.

So, I ordered from my friend of course and my little package arrived safely nestled in bubble wrap with a little freezer pack so that the wax scent bar would not melt in the Houston heat. Seriously, THAT is thoughtful. I wish MAC had done that with some products that I ordered, needless to say the lipstick that I purchased for the winner of a giveaway on my Youtube channel arrived MELTED. :(((((

Any whooo here is the perfect little cutey:

Just precious! Of course my husband looked at it and basically shrugged. Anything pink automatically constitutes a blurry image in his mind and therefore results in a non chalant shrug of acceptance. LOL!, he's a man. Luckily my daughter gets it!!!

It smells so good! My only question??? How long do those scent squares last? I mean candles usually have burn times, so what is the burn time. In other words, how long do I have before I need to reorder???

I noticed a great package deal for $100. It's several warmers, scent bars, air fresheners for less than they would cost individually and you can choose the ones you want. This is soooo enticing. I already counted and I need a large warmer for my living are, 2 smaller warmers for my bedroom and the kids room, and 4 plug-in warmers for my bathrooms, entry and kitchen. Excessive I know.

In all honesty though I am slightly obsessed with a good smelling home. I want people to walk in and think "WOW this place smells great."

YES, I am a home fragrance HOARDER. Judging from the amount of glade plug-ins I own (which roughly constitutes that every room of my home might at any time have 2 going), and the fact that I love to mix fragrances and candles to customize the smell. I have developed a new fondness for the Scentsy brand, one that my husband and my pocket book might not appreciate too much.

Aug 4, 2011

Goal for the next month.

Okay so I am horrible at blogging! I started this blog to well blog, and all I have done thus far is post my Youtube Videos. How horrible is that? Why is it soooo difficult to pop on and post???

So for right now aside from the YT videos. I want to start by posting at least once a week. That is my goal for the next few weeks. Once I get that going I will move on to twice a week and so on. Hopefully  I can get this thing going!!!

I am thinking of doing a 30 day picture challenge. That might really help to get into the groove of posting daily. Hmm perhaps when I start my 30 day shred by Jillian Micheals......

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!


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