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Hello there!!! Welcome to my Style Chronicles!

My name is Ericka. Or "E."
I am located in Houston, Texas.

Short Story:
Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend

Long Story:

I have no background in fashion. I have always had a voracious appetite for fashion and a good eye for style. I devour magazine and style books and scour the Internet for inspiration and new ways to wear things.
  • In the 90's my style reflected that of "Blossom," with her floppy hats accented with large silk flowers.
  • I had a love affair with vests and towards the end of middle school had a closet that boasted thirty of them in different styles, fabrics and colors.
  • High School brought an end to my collection due to uniforms, but I never failed to add my own touch with colorful patterned socks, scarves and bags.
Now I would describe my style as classic with an edge. I love simple, clean looks that make a statement. I love glamour and prep. I would say I have a very preppy undertone. I would also say I have a very edgy glamorous undertone too.

When I am not You tubing, blogging, magazine-ing, or working (ahem) I am a mother, wife, daughter and sister. I have three munchkins, a seven year old daughter (Eva Nacole),  a four year old son (John Abel), and a 6 month old (Harper Grace). My husband is my best friend, greatest fan and largest critic. My parents are my heroes.

For any questions regarding collaborating, sponsorship's, styling or other information I may be contacted at thestylechronicles@yahoo.com


What is your name?
E. Or Ericka. But I get called "E" tons. My middle name is Nacole.

How tall are you?
I am 5'2". People always tell me I look taller in video. I can usually be found in nothing less than 4 inches so 5'6"???

What do you weigh?
Um, excuse me??? I am always between 118 - 124. If the scale hits 125 I know I have work to do. I can weigh 120 in the morning and 124 at night before bed. SCRATCH that!!! I just had a baby. I weigh closet to 140lbs right now. Working on it! 

What color are your eyes?
Naturally they are very dark brown. I have worn contacts since I was in high school.

What is your favorite color?
Not so easy. I like Pink mostly. BUT I love white, black and grey also!! Cobalt Blue too.

Where are you from?
Houston. Texas. USA. Planet Earth.

What are you? Nationality? Ethnicity? Religion?
American. I get asked this question a lot and the truth is I am American first and foremost.  I could also say Texan. My nationality is obviously American.

Ethnicity - I am one great big old mutt. My heritage is both Mexican and Italian. I really identify with simply being American.

Religion - Roman Catholic - firmly. Though I do not feel the need to preach or pass judgement on others and their own religious beliefs or practices. I am actually very interested in other religions just for the sake of knowledge.

What Magazines Inspire you?
My first magazine subscription was "Seventeen" Magazine when I was 15. I would pour over the pages coveting the glossy pages and the images that it had to offer. "Mademoiselle" was another magazine love of mine which sadly issued it's finally issue in November of 2001. In my late teens and early twenties "Cosmopolitan" was one of my faves. Now I read the likes of People Style Watch, Lucky, In Style, and Allure. I have not gained an affection for the likes of Vogue YET. I know it will come.

What is your favorite drink?
Coffee. Tea. Water. Red Bull.  Oh, you meant DRINK...... I like Mojitos, Margaritas, Red Wine, Champagne and Jack & Ginger's (Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale).

What is your favorite food?
My daughter asked me this the other day and then answered it herself. "Salad, mom, right?" "Yes."
Of course there is Almond Butter, Cherries, Strawberries, Brie, BREAD, Chocolate Chip cookies and Peanut MM's. Did I mention bread?? There is nothing more mouth watering to me than a buttery, fluffy croissant, a piece of Cinnamon Raisin Bread, a homemade flour tortilla, a scrumptious piece of Pita or Tandoori Naan.

What are your fashion must-haves?
If I had to start from scratch it would be the basics. White oxford shirt, white and black tees, dark wash jeans and skinnies, black skirt, black blazer, white blazer, the LBD, the LWD, khaki shorts, black pumps, nude pumps, black flats, brown flats, t-strap sandals, lots of racer back tanks, boyfriend cardigans, simple diamond stud earrings, a dainty gold necklace, a simple classic Cartier tank watch.

For any questions regarding collaborating, sponsorship's, styling or other information I may be contacted at thestylechronicles@yahoo.com

*Last updated 5/2015.


  1. What do you do for a living/ for work?

  2. I would love to see you make a video on work clothes..non corporate..thank you love watching you

  3. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will certainly create a video.


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