Thank you so very much for your interest in
The Style Chronicles.

Sponsorship is open to companies and bloggers alike and can mean many things.

Styling Items, Outfit Posts, Giveaways, Reviews, Collaboration, Sponsorship

I love to style items, host giveaways and post reviews (at my discretion).

Styling; Outfit Posts - Items sent for styling and outfit posts will be featured in photographs and videos depicting an ensemble styled by yours truly. These are the most popular posts and videos that The Style Chronicles incorporates into it's blog and You Tube channel. Sponsored items are always clearly labeled in the credits of a post or video. Your site will be linked and noted with the likes of "c/o" or "courtesy of."

Giveaways - Consist of two items sent to The Style Chronicles, one for subscriber/viewer giveaway and one meant for style/outfit posts and review. These are accepted on a monthly basis for the following month. Giveaways are scheduled on our calendar and are limited to no more than twice monthly.

Product Reviews - The Style Chronicles welcomes jewelry, apparel, handbags, shoes and other fashion related pieces as well as beauty products (makeup, skin care and haircare) for consideration. I will only review products at my discretion which I deem appropriate for the likes of my blog and videos. I reserve the right to not review any item sent to me.
I must note that I give my honest opinions regarding any product that I review.

Collaboration - Let The Style Chronicles know your idea. I can work to incorporate your idea or brand into the blog or video.

Sponsorship - Monthly and quarterly ad sponsorship's are available. Other sponsorship's are available. The Style Chronicles does accept a limited number of sponsors to help cover minimal overhead costs. Please contact to sponsor.

I would love to work with you!!

Local Events

As if!! I will not flatter myself and tell you that I get invited to all sorts of local events and functions. I don't. I get invites to little kid birthday parties though. I am open to local events!! Please, someone invite me to something other than a play date!! I need some adult time.


Ad spaces are available on a monthly basis and are placed in the side bar.

Ads are generated by a third party network and are closely evaluated before approval.

Privacy Policy & Full Disclosure Policy

I like my privacy, and respect the privacy of others. E-mails, names and other information that is collected by The Style Chronicles will never be sold or given out without proper consent.

For the trust of my readers and in keeping with a full disclosure policy regulated by the FTC all sponsored items are always clearly labeled in the credits of a blog post or video. I also only feature/post/share items that I adore. If I do not like something I simply do not talk about it, in anyway.I am not a negative person, and do not wish my blog/videos to reflect negatively.  


Contact me at for further information, pricing and statistics.

Thank you again for your interest,

XX ~ E

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