Sep 27, 2012

Essie Breast Cancer Polish Collection & Chanel "May" Dupe

In honor of October's Breast Cancer Awareness month, Essie has released a new all pink collection:

Check-up (rosy pink)

Good Morning Hope (sheer, light pink)

I Am Strong (creamy pink)

We're In It Together (shimmer, iridescent pink)

Here are my two newbie polishes. 
Essie We're In it Together 
Chanel May Polish (not new)
Essie I am Strong

You can see how alike the Chanel and Essie "I Am Strong" on the right are. DUPE!! 

As for "We're In It Together," this color has the prettiest little blue iridescence in it. It's there, but when it's on your nails you do not even notice. It just makes the pink so special. 

Swatch comparison is in the video: 

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Baby Must Haves - What I carry in my Bag (Diaper)

September Birchbox!!

Just my September Birchbox. Very late.
Visit Birchbox for more information:

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Sep 25, 2012

OOTD - "Bloggers Do It Oxblood Better"

Kristina at PrettyShinySparkly's, latest challenge is "Bloggers Do Oxblood Better." The challenge usually starts with a style board on her blog and then a outfit post of herself sporting the challenge, and is followed by a link-up post which allows other bloggers to join in and show off their style.

Absolutely loving these challenges. It makes me really think about how to incorporate trends into my wardrobe. It also reminds which items are timeless. They also allow me to see other bloggers and how they incorporate the trend. LOVE finding new people to follow through blogs.

Take this blazer, I have owned it for several years now and well it's pretty classic in my opinion. It can be trendy on so many levels - corduroy, oxblood color, leather patches. However the cut and style are both very classic to the blazer. Year in and year out I have found myself giddy with excitement to wear this again for the first time that fall. It is my absolute favorite article of clothing. I can dress it up or down throw it over anything for instant style.

Blazer - Express
Blouse - F21
Wide Leg Jeans - Foley's (Macy's)
Nude Pumps - ShoeDazzle
Louis Vuitton Neverful GM
Tous Bear Ring

 THE PATCHES!!! I love Elbow patches!!!

Estee Lauder Foundation
MAC - Soba, Wedge, Nylon Shadows
Tarte Amused Blush
MAC Dreamy Lipgloss
Maybelline Cherry Lipstick (on top of gloss)

What is your absolute favorite garment?

As always, here is my video:

If you are curious as to the last "Bloggers Do It Better" Challenge, it was Mint & Coral: 

Here is my post:

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Sep 21, 2012

OOTD - Lucky Boots Reappearance

Totally love these boots, I wore them into late Spring this year and I am sure the same will be true next year. I do want to see about cleaning the front however as they are changing color. 

I tried,  TRIED to get a good outfit pic. As soon as my kid's see the tripod come out they rush over to pose. So this is what I was able to capture. I usually just let them have at the picture taking until they get tired and then I can get a good outfit picture or two in. It was NOT working this day. 

Here are my little John Able & Eva. 

The video:

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Sep 17, 2012

Houston Blogger Symposium

I attended the Houston Blogger Symposium this weekend. It was a fantastic even hosted by the AH-MAZING Megan Silianoff of Greetings From TX. Let me tell you, I have become obsessed, I meant an avid reader of Megan's blog. She wore a brilliant green dress and the most gorgeous pair of heels. 

The event was incredible and so much fun. I have to admit to a slight nervousness as I checked out of my car leaving my hubby and kids to their own accord Saturday morning. BUT, it was so worthwhile. There were over 50 bloggers in attendance. So many different blogging genres too - fashion, style, fitness, DIY, etc. The tables were elegantly dressed and named for several very popular blogs, I was seated at "Sea of Shoes." There were glasses of sparkly bubbly champagne and a very chic breakfast of Yogurt, Fruit and Granola in a Martini Glass!! This momma is always a sucker for a glass of champagne and anything in a martini glass. 

It began with a welcome from Megan and Breakfast. Followed by a Panel of Bloggers who shared their blog stories. Katy Atlas, Alicia DeRago, Brandi Lisenbe & Kelly Garcia, Laura Mayes and my favorite Kristina Braly of PrettyShinySparkly.

Please ignore my hair's current state. I am still debating growing it out or having it reshaped. 
 Kristina from PrettyShinySparkly. 
Let me tell you she is even more beautiful and even more personable in person. 
Exactly how she is on her blog and YouTube videos. 

There was so much networking and picture taking it was a whirlwind. Paige Budde of never stopped snapping away. This woman is so cool, I had to sneak an outfit picture in below. You all know my affinity for shorts. But, not just any shorts - they were denim with little birds on them so freakin' cute. And, she wore them with a pair of tan oxfords and a white button down shirt. LOVEd it!!

All Symposium stationary and logos were created by a very talented Kristen Stoddard.

The event was sponsored by several local Houston shops who were in attendance featuring some of their items. Langford Market, Francesca's Collections, Em&Lee, The Impeccable Pig, and the, Rebecca Lankford Designs.  Those not in attendance were BathJunkie, Shimmer&Bliss, Myth&Symbol, JennieClaire, BonLook, UnitedScentsofAmerica, Chi, Lammes Candies, and NewfortheNight.

I left with a handful of shopping bags - swag bags from the very gracious sponsors.

To be featured in upcoming OOTD's:

What did I learn you ask? Well, for starters I need a card. There were so many cute little blog cards I was taken a back. Seriously, what rock do I live under???

And I met some wonderful new blogs to stalk, follow.

As for Mr.Style Chronicles and the kiddos: Well they enjoyed (tolerated) breakfast at Le Peep and an early visit to the Galleria's Dylan's Candy Store. When they pulled into Hotel Zaza to pick me up I was greeted by a frazzled hubby and a two sugar loaded kids. He wonders why they were so hyper...........

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! I am off to record some videos........