Thursday, September 27, 2012

Essie Breast Cancer Polish Collection & Chanel "May" Dupe

In honor of October's Breast Cancer Awareness month, Essie has released a new all pink collection:

Check-up (rosy pink)

Good Morning Hope (sheer, light pink)

I Am Strong (creamy pink)

We're In It Together (shimmer, iridescent pink)

Here are my two newbie polishes. 
Essie We're In it Together 
Chanel May Polish (not new)
Essie I am Strong

You can see how alike the Chanel and Essie "I Am Strong" on the right are. DUPE!! 

As for "We're In It Together," this color has the prettiest little blue iridescence in it. It's there, but when it's on your nails you do not even notice. It just makes the pink so special. 

Swatch comparison is in the video: 

Thanks so much for watching!!
XX ~ E


  1. With all of the time you have in your day ;) you should throw in some swatches on your nails!!! :)

  2. Oh and I have Chanel April and May on my wish list. Love them! April is because my daughter's name is April and May is because it's such a pretty pink!