Oct 5, 2012

PopSugar Must Have Box - September

This is a little bitter sweet for me. As you know I have been a very loyal Birchbox (BB) subscriber for 2 years now and well after last months box arrived soooooo LATE, I have decided to move on. I have tested the waters some what in the past with MyGlam (now Ipsy), and still stayed very loyal to BB. I do NOT recommend MyGlam or it's new counterpart Ipsy. While I will still receive BB for a little while, I no longer plan to share the contents of my monthly boxes. 

I did a little research and found Popsugar's Monthly Must Have Box. It is higher priced than the $10 Birchbox. The Must Have box is priced at $35. However from the past boxes that I have seen they are well worth it. There is just something so exciting about receiving a little box full of surprises every month. Everyone gets the same box so there are no little quizzes or personality match ups. I joined late September and was given access to that box as well as the October box. 

If you would like more information regarding Popsugar visit their site here

I was soooo excited to get this box. Initially I had no idea what is in the box. PopSugar waits until the first of the new month before releasing the contents of the previous month's box online. I knew that my box would be waiting for me when I got home and got a little nosy so I peaked online first. I was sooooo excited to get home. 

First up we have Pop-Up Pantry's cookie with a gift code for a free dinner. AWESOME!! This is like a wine of the month club only it's a full three course meal - appetizer, main course and dessert. It is priced per person and seems like it would make for a very nice at-home date night with Mr. Style Chronicles.

Then there is The Perks of being a Wallflower  by Stephen Chbosky and a two tickets to see the movie when it is released in theaters. Pretty darn cool. I love books and am excited to get to read this one. The movie tickets is a very nice touch as well.

A $25 gift certificate to the Tracie Martyn Skin Care Salon online. Very nice. Unfortunately the products are so nice that they are severely overpriced even with $25 off. K, you know that I am very KISS (keep it simple stupid) in the beauty regime department. It does not have to cost a lot to have good skin!!

A notepad from Rifle Paper Co. - LOVE this school paper style!!

Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes - Huge fan of this line. I use the Yes to Tomatoes facial moisturizer daily and LOVE it.

 Next up the Original Sea Salt Caramels by Becky's Blissful Bakery. YUM!!

Kitsch Hair Ties - we've all seen them and let me just say that in Birchbox you get only one sometimes. There are four in there baby. Yeah, four hair ties!! Whoopie!! Eva thanks you.

Popsugar's zippered Must Haves pouch - a lot bigger than what I had thought. Pretty cool.

Food Should Taste Good Brand Sweet Potato Chips - GONE. They were good!!

Benefit's Cabana Glama makeup kit - used it this morning and love the eye shadow colors. I also really like Hoola Bronzer. I've never tried it but it applies so much nicer than other bronzers and looks pretty natural in comparison.

 Brokedown's Scarf - uber awesome!! LOVE this scarf I wore it the rest of the evening yesterday and today.

Pretty fringes: 
 Pretty marbling: 

THIS I have to include. While I was filming and taking pictures, this is what my son was doing. He pulled out my Quaker oatmeal from the pantry and spread it all over the floor. Then proceeded to sit in the midst of it while he sprinkled Ocean Spray dried cranberries. 


For more information regarding Popsugar's Monthly Must Have box visit the website here.

Thanks for watching and reading!!
XX ~ E