Oct 9, 2012

OOTD - Cobalt & Gold

Halloween decorating has begun. I am a stickler for certain things. Halloween does not start for me until October 1st. I can not and will not have a pumpkin until that date. I will not purchase decorations or even "Halloween" printed candy (Snickers,etc.) until then. Until October 1st I will roll my eyes at the stores that have aisles of stuff already out in September. What is your deal?? Oh and Target why do you have Christmas lights and decorations out already? Do you not realize that Halloween has not even passed yet and we still have Thanksgiving to get through before December? 

I started my decorating with my wall decals. I have these for nearly every holiday and this is our formal dining room wall. I decorated the chandelier with spider webs and placed a black tablecloth that has little spider webs on it on the table. My way to decorate for Halloween is with black rats. I used to trace and cut them out  on black construction paper and then tape them onto the walls in various parts of the house. I found these guys at Wal-Mart though and it is soooo much easier!!! 

Originally this outfit was about fall color blocking with primary colors. Blue & Red. I wanted to add a red blazer to the mix. BUT it was way too hot for that. The long sleeve oxford alone was steamy. So I will save that for later this month and give you the base. Be prepared to see the same thing with a red blazer later. Fair warning. 

I get asked a lot if I ever repeat the same outfit. Yes and no. Is that a good answer? The long answer is that I do repeat some outfits. If I find I really love a combination I will write it down as a template in my closet. This way I can remember that it worked and looked great. It will be something that I will wear over and over and tweak or add to here and there. Usually I forget outfits so if I do re-wear the same thing it's by mistake. NOW, if you ask my husband he will tell you that I wear things once. So not true. I love pieces that can be mixed up and re-worn lots of times. This oxford for example has become a standard layering piece for me. It stands alone or can be jazzed up with a great necklace or just plain layered over. 

Cobalt Jeggings from Target (Spring)
White Oxford from The Gap
Glitter Belt from Target
Black Pearce Pumps from Target
Gold Necklace from http://www.mrsheek.com
Fendi Spy Bag (old)

Here is a Eva outfit:

Tee & Skirt from Old Navy

Thank you so much for watching and reading!!
XX ~ E