Oct 3, 2012

Weekly Workout Update

I have decided to run a 10K. 
Roughly 6.2 miles.
In November.

This is a big step for me since I consider myself a pretty casual runner. I run for the love of running. I run because I love the high. I run because it feels good. I run for myself. I know I can run a mile. I know I can run 2, 3, 4 miles on my own, at my pace, around my neighborhood. Still, I have never really set a goal for my running I do not know my capabilities or my limits as a runner. So hence the interest in a 10K.

I started training 2 weeks ago. So I will begin these updates this week with Monday. I know everyone has a way of splitting their weeks up and mine work Monday - Sunday for me. I will say it again, as I have so many times before, I am a very laid back person. So my approach to overall fitness and training are what I consider laid back. 

My runs will take place throughout the week with a long run on Saturday and an easy run on Sunday. Long runs will be the longest run that I will complete to close out that week. So if I have run 3 miles during the week my Saturday run will be 3.5 or 4. Easy runs are runs that last 30-45 minutes at a lighter pace. I will still follow my Turbofire schedule and this will serve as my cross training exercises.

Ran 2.1 miles
Turbofire 30

Ran 1.8
Turbofire HIT25

My goal today will be Turbofire 45.
No running. 
Today is my Great Aunt's 94th birthday.
My family will be celebrating. 

I will track my training and share my routines with you here on my blog. This is the best way for me, I suck at twitter.

Let me know what else you would like to know!!

Random pictures from my nieces birthday party: 
This was my sister and my play house when we were little.
My dad keeps everything.
Kinda cool that my kid's play in it now. 

My kiddo eating some spaghetti.
I washed that shirt and the sauce came right out. 
Everyone said there was no way it would come out. 
No, my aunt is not feeding the baby. She is just holding him. 
Dad's Banana Trees in the background. 

My uncle's kumquat tree. 
In dad's backyard.

XX ~ E