Aug 24, 2012

OOTD - Fuschia & Green Color Blocking Outfit

I love the way that Kelly green and a bright pink work together. This is a color pattern that i gravitate towards. My daughter's nursery was done in these two colors courtesy of my mom. The colors always look fresh and clean and happy. I feel happy today. 

We (my family) made it through the week. Last week was horrendous and STRESS was the word of the week. This week it feels like we were putting pieces back together a little and some things have calmed down now. I can not go into details regarding the majority of the stress and my hubby, all I can say is that it is not personal and does not involve our family life. (We are fine.)

On a personal level, the stress of my daughter starting school, loving it and then suddenly hating it three days in was torrential. I feel so guilty leaving my little girl. 
Essentially walking away from her in the midst of a meltdown when all I have done for the past four years is run to comfort her is heart wrenching. 
I am grateful however that we choose school's wisely and everyday there are a dozen people who greet her and tell her how well she is doing and I know that I am leaving her in the hands of some very caring, very capable people. 

This morning she walked herself into assembly and planted herself in her class line and waved bye to me. 
I felt excited and could not help but stand there watching her for a little while. I caught a glimpse of my happy smiley, very self confident four year old. It took everything I had to walk away even though I knew she was not crying for once. When she cries I have to high tail it out of there to resist the urge to comfort. 

Two steps forward, one step back right.

Blouse- Old Navy, Belt - Target, Shorts - Express, Flats - Target, Handbag - Shoe Dazzle, Necklace - ChicbyMichelle (esty), Necklace - Stella & Dot, Bangles - Forever21, Bracelets -

Totally loving these flats!!!
If I had known of the torrential downpours today I would not have worn them. 
They are holding up well though. 

Color & Pattern Mixing: 

I made it all the way to work and then I realized my fly was down.
LOL, I made a video this morning, dropped my daughter off at school where I walk her in, pumped gas and got coffee all with my fly down. Good times. 

Thanks so much for reading and watching!! 
XX ~ E