Aug 3, 2012

Essie Yogaga Collection

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 It is no secret that Essie happens to be my #1 FAVORITE polish brands. It took me so long to even purchase another brand. I just love the shape of the little bottles, the quality that you get and the colors. Yes, there is an occasional bad Essie. But for the most part I have lots of good little Essie's.
I was excited to see this collection pop into my in box. I love the muted colors, such great transitions into Fall and a very cool-toned welcome in the heat of Houston's summer.

Lilac. This is a must have for me. 
  Pink, another must-have!!
 Pretty. I like blues in theory, but a lot of times they do not go well with my skin tone.
 My hands look funny. Does that make any sense?
 Pretty.. This is not a color that I wear. I like my reds RED!!

Need. I love these shades. Wet cement anyone?
Another need. Wetter cement anyone?

So for me it is Pilaties Hottie, Marathin, Gym Dandy and Yogaga.

Perfect transitions for August.

Thanks for reading!!
XX ~ E 

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