Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lost Lipstick

Remember these two loves:

MAC Chenman Love & Water Collection, Budding Love and Force of Love

I wear the lilac one (Budding Love) lots. BUT what happened to the other one (Force of Love)?

Well, you tell me!!

I wore it once. That's right ONCE. LOVED it!!

Where did it go??
I have not been able to find it. Pitty because I really do like it!!

Does this happen to you??

XX ~ E


  1. Yes! Right now I have an issue where I just purchased a blouse I tried it on at home.... Loved it! Now it's gone! I thought these kind of things only happened to me.
    I normally do find my things when my little ones decide to hide something else of mine and they need to empty their hiding spots.

    Sorry about your lipstick. I hope you find it.

    1. Wow, a whole shirt! I do not feel so bad anymore. It's annoying though isn't it!! XX ~ E