Oct 30, 2012

Running Series - Part 2 - Get Clearance.

My first running installment regarded that of my own running story. I felt it was important to share how my journey began so that you know I started with virtually no training, but discovered something I LOVE. 

You will find that most runners have a story of how they began their running journey. It is a journey that will never end. You will slack off, speed up, take breaks, get injuries, life will get in the way, etc. BUT you will evolve. 

Now I feel that it is important that your NEXT step be about getting clearance. 

First and foremost, GET MEDICAL CLEARANCE. Especially if you:
  • have been sedentary for a long time
  • have not attempted to run ever before
  • have never attempted any form of exercise
  • are pregnant
  • are overweight / underweight
  • over 65
  • have a history of heart trouble
  • have diabetes, borderline or full on
  • are a smoker
  • have high blood pressure
  • have joint issues
  • have blood circulation issues
  • have any other medical condition that might hinder your abilities
This is important. Running puts strain on your body and your joints. It increases your hear rate, accelerating the rate at which it pumps blood, throwing your blood pump into overdrive. While this is GOOD. It might be harmful if you have a history of or an underlying condition that you do not know of.

It is always better to be safe. Getting clearance does not mean that you will not experience injury or setbacks. But it gives you the knowledge that you are healthy enough to start. I really can not express that to you enough. There are so many factors that come into play when you think about running, let this one be one you can mark off your list. 

Keep in mind I am not a professional runner. My running education stems from my own personal research and trial and error. It's what works for ME, it might not be for everyone. Just some ideas to keep in your mind.

Now that we have that boring but very important factor out of the way Part 3 will regard Shoes. The second most important factor. 

XX ~ E