Oct 31, 2012

PopSugar Must Have Box - October


This month's PopSugar Must Have Box Rocks!!

This months box is comprised of all kinds of goodies.
I love this subscription service, it is seriously one of the best out there, and I have tried most of them.

I was super excited and anxious for it's arrival. I left my kid's in the car and rushed this sucker inside, set it on the counter and actually pulled out a knife to cut the tape away. Then, I remembered my kid's were in the car still (okay, well maybe my daughter reminded me by yelling MOM!). Whatevs, it's like getting a awesome present every month - call it Christmas. 

I just need a note card that says - To me. LOVE, Me. 

The Skeleton heads and pumpkins were my own addition as they were readily available on the table.
I thought it added some Halloween flair. 

Red Flower Petal Topped Candle
Smells amazing!! 

 OPI Pink of Hearts Nail Polish Duo

Hello my Pretties!! The glittery one is super special looking. It's got small flecks of glitter with some larger brighter pink flecks mixed in. 

Crescent Moon Socks

These are so cushiony. Is that a word? It is now. Very soft, my husband actually claimed these!!

 Dylan's Candy Bar Gummy Bears

LOVE. Super cool. I do not need to go trick-or-treating now. Seriously, this is all the candy my family needs. 
Kidding. I will not deprive my kid's of the American past-time. These will last maybe five minutes between my husband and my kids. I could make them last a month!! Not Kidding. 

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy by Unilever 

How cool is this? Shampoo & Conditioner.
Considering I am the only person in my household who purchases this sort of products, it kinda feels nice to have someone do the thinking for me. I am one of those people who stand in the hair care aisle for ten minutes reading bottles. 

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

Can I get a Heck YEAH!! Seriously, I get excited by books. I am that boring, yes. It is something that I am happily passing along to my children. Books are AWESOME. This book is super cool, and was on my read list  Hubby actually claimed this too. So I will be the second to read it. I found the dust jacket on the bookshelf and was like "Wha?" He took it off so as not to mess it up. Love that man. You have to understand how I feel about books and magazines - I cherish them. No bent pages, scratches, etc. (I need help, I know.)

On another note, this book alone costs $35.00. The box costs $35.00. 
I get asked all the time if it is worth it?? I think so. 
Add all the other products up and well it's a good deal.
The surprise and anticipation every month is so much fun too.

Pirate's Bootie Aged White Cheddar Puffs

I opened these to try them and gave one to my son to try. He ate the rest of the bag. They were yummy. Well the two that I was able to wrangle away from him anyway. 

For more information on Popsugar's Must Have box: http://popsu.gr/tsT