Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tutorial - Nars Cordura & MAC Tempting

A simple look, great for the upcoming fall. 

Having some fun playing around with picture editing software. 
MAC Tempting &  Nars Cordura Sahdows

 Sisley lipstick L31



  1. Okay, I know in your video you had mentioned that with a shimmery type blush you don't need a highlighter... But. What highlighter do you use; if you use one? Also, What shade eyeliner do you wear? I didn't see you put one on in this video but I wasn't sure if you use an eyeliner or just your eyeshadow in place of it.
    I hope my questions make sense. I just tossed my Christian Dior make up I've had for 13 years and am trying to use a new look.

    Erika Richards

    1. I use MAC's Lightscapade highlighter usually or Laura mercier rose gold. I use black eyeliner or dark brown. Of course they make sense, thanks for asking. XX ~ E

  2. Ericka, your hair looks great! Did you get it re-cut? My hair is due for a cut soon, and I will pass on the info you sent to me via email. Thank you so much! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you. I did have the rear trimmed up some. Thanks so much for writing!! XX ~ E