Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OOTD - Stripes & Leopard Vloggy Vlog

My hunt for this specific striped shirt is OVER!! 
Thanks to my very special friend Jan from .

I searched for this combination for a while and could find large black stripes everywhere, or stripes that were the same size. I wanted a shirt with more white and less black. I feel that it balances out the stripe action. With more black your shirt appears darker and with more white lighter, and fresher. Stripes that are the same size make me go a little crazy, is my mind seeing more white or more black? I feel like the stripes are competing for my brains recognition. Yes, I know that might be a little overboard, and I might be a little too specific about some things, but regardless THIS is what I was looking for. 

Rockstar Jeggings - Old Navy
Leopard Belt & Pearce Pumps from Target
Black & White Perfectly Striped Tee c/o  Jan
Heart Necklace (on loan from Eva) from Charlotte Russe
Gold Bangles
MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick


  1. It's so great that you're posting videos again :) What was it like a week! Yes, having 9 kids is pretty cool. I'm 31 so I'm a young enough mom that I can keep up with them. Or so I like to tell myself. Your kids are adorable; I could see you having two more. I love dressing my kids. I think that's why the shoe thing drove me nuts. But, you're right I will probably get use to them over time. Check out my blog and you can see the photo I posted of them. Hey, did you ever find that lipstick?
    Anyhow, I really like that belt. I could never pull off a leopard print anything. I try to avoid to many patterns in my closet. Watching your videos I may start taking some chances.

  2. Hey lady! I just discovered you on youtube...fairly new to it love seeing your newest finds! I am now on the hunt for an owl sweater...THANKS haha love how you are also particular about things...I am too...I am a thrifter at heart so I am always on the hunt! Love the stripes! Just found some Stuart Weitzman pointy toes at Savers!!! Good luck on your hunt!


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  3. Hey E,
    I saw MAC Strada blush at my CCO today. I would be more than happy to pick one up for you. Just let me know :-)