Aug 15, 2012

OOTD - Orange Mint & The Target Sweater

I love the pattern of these shorts. The little sail boats make me so happy. They are just cute. I am really considering making it a rule that I incorporate more pattern in my wardrobe. Cute patterns like this. Kitschy almost. I also really do like the coolness that this mint color blouse has brought into my closet. It goes with everything and every color!! Literally. Plus it is so refreshing to wear like walking around in a stick of mint gum or something. I feel like I should smell like peppermint. LOL!!

 A closer look at the pattern:
 I am also very happy that I purchased the little belt in nude. I like to belt things when I wear my shirt tucked in and have struggled with what kind of belt. I had the typical black and brown skinny belts, but those draw a lot of attention to the waistline and I really just wanted something transitional. I think a nude belt like this does that nicely. Same concept as nude shoes. They are there, but not really. Inconspicuous anyone? 

 Blouse: Forever 21
Shorts: Old Navy
Belt & Shoes: Pearce Pumps from Target
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Bracelets -

Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation
MAC Studio Fix Concealor
MAC Dame Blush
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
MAC Tempting Eye Shadow
Nars Cordura (dark shade, only) Eye Duo
MAC Underage Lipglass