Aug 22, 2012

Essie's Fall Collection - Stylenomics

Here they are...

Gorgeous rich shades for Fall 2012.
Now it is NO secret that I am an Essie fanatic.
Here are the shades in the collection.

Pictures and description's have been borrowed from Essie's web page.

Don't Sweater It
"a warm, cozy and creamy mauve"

Skirting the Issue

"an exquisite, fashionable burgundy wine"

"a smart, intelligent and savvy brick red"  

Miss Fancy Pants
 "a refined, chic, greige"

Head Mistress
 "a bold, in charge, and direct red" 

"a wealthy, rich and opulent dark green" 

So pretty!! Which ones will I be on the hunt for. Well, I am still trying to locate the Essie Collection I posted about two weeks ago - the Yogaga one. As for this one -  Don't Sweater It and Miss Fancy pants are definites for me. I love a mauvey pink and a greige. I do not care for brick browny reds so I will skip the Recessionista one and Head Mistress is too much like stuff I already have. I am intrigued by Stylenomics though. The dark green color just looks so rich and wealthy as it is described. Kind of like a well-bred horse. Skirting the Issue also catches my attention since it's the rich wine shade that always always always makes an appearance in fall. Wine does for fall what White does for summer. 

What shades are on your list?

XX ~ E