Oct 2, 2015

All about my hair. Inverted Angled Bob

I get lots of questions, emails and comments regarding my hair. I also get stopped by people when I am out and about. Thank you! I have come to love my hair this way. It's quick and easy. It always looks done and neat. It's shiny and healthy and well, I am NEVER growing it out. If Anna Wintour can wear the same hair style for 30+ years, so can I. She's an editor. I'm and editor. Okay psuedo editor. FINE. I'm just a normal person.

Whatever. Here are my favorite hair care products:

Oh, you want an explanation? 
I filmed a video. Watch me get flustered when my kid's wake up and surround me. LOL!

Or you can read:
  • Paul Mitchell Super-Charge Moisturizer - Deep conditioner. I will never purchase a different one, love this one too much. Does what it is supposed to deep conditions, your hair feels great for a day or two. Then you go back to regualr shampoo & conditioner. I use this every Saturday night. 
  • Paul Mitchell Thicken-Up - part of my fancy hair routine. I have an everyday routine and a fancy routine. I use this on the crown of my hair to get a good tease. It helps "pop" up that crown. It stinks though, literally smells like donkey butt!!
  • Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum - also part of my fancy hair routine. I use this to help with frizz. Apply to wet hair and let dry. Mostly on the weekends or when I am dressing up for something. I have to anticipate it to use it. Smells like apple and makes my hair very shiny. 
  • Loreal Elnett Hairspray - talked about too much. Loved by pretty much everyone. Holds without the crunch or dust. 
  • Kerastase Resistance Bain Therapiste Shampoo & Conditioner - far too many fancy words. This was sent to me. I always feel like I have to preface. I do like this and the shampoo. You use them backwards, the conditioner first and then the shampoo. The conditioner deposits fibers to fuse damaaged hair togheter, the shampoo washes your hair. It's a nice combination, and you can feel the difference so long as you use them regularly. I use these every other time I wash.  SMELLS awesome!! 
  • Pantene Damage Detox with Mint  Shampoo & Conditioner - I never purchase the same product two times in a row, always trying out another one. This has been great. I purchased this after seeing reports about hair lice on the evening news. Apparently there were bad outbreaks at summer camps.  Mint and rosemary are supposed to deter lice. Eva and I went on a frenzy. She made me check her hair all the time. (***Shhhhh, I check her hair daily when I am brushing it. I've done that since she had hair long enough to brush. Don't tell her though.) 
Aside from those products. I wear nothing in my hair daily. Seriously. I feel like hair care starts with what you eat and drink. Not what you place on top of the hair shaft in hopes that it will change your life. I drink tons of water. TONS!! Hydration is the key to skin, nails and hair. So are vitamins. Remember, I just had a baby 6 months ago. I've been taking prenatals for over a year. 

XX, ~ E