Sep 14, 2015

NYX Color Correcting Concealer

I purchased this in April, and it has been an item that I relied on so heavily the first several months after Harper was born. In fact it was the first makeup purchase I made on my first trip outside. I have a predictable beauty routine, but feeding a newborn every 90 minutes took a toll on everything. Nursing exclusively to establish a strong milk supply was vital to me those first three months, and my concealer was NOT cutting it. Sure it masked some darkness, but I like a very bright under eye and there were shadows showing through. Usually, I head to Sephora for beauty purchases, but the standalone Ulta was appealing since I had my new baby, my son and an incision to care for.

I knew from color theory and YouTube that I was in need of something salmon colored, pink-orange based and a true corrector in terms of consistency. Nothing watery or too sheer or concealer like. I needed pasty, opaque coverage that would sit nicely under my eye in preparation for concealer and setting powder.

Now, I am not sure if the placement of the shades was done meaningfully or if they just landed in their positions, but so often corrector palettes are thrown together and shades do not coincide with each other. These shades totally relate to each other. Handy if you forget what purple conceals.

Yellow conceals purple/blue tones. 
 Purple neutralizes yellow. 
Green neutralizes red/pink/salmon tones. 
 Salmon conceals green/blue/purple tones. 

They are all sitting right on top of one another, so if you forget you can just refer to the color above or below to remember. Also, the darker concealers are helpful for dark freckles or brown spots. Sometimes with age/brown spots it is necessary to correct with a shade darker than your skin, and then conceal with an appropriate skin tone shade above.

THAT is really the key to correcting color. Always correct with the relevant tone and then conceal on top with concealer, then set with powder.

Harper is now nearing the six month mark and with a very strong milk supply I get more sleep at night. She still feeds every 2-3 hours, but at night she can go a four hour stretch before nursing. This affects my dark circles so much that I do not need to correct every single day anymore. This is handy though for those red pimples that raging hormones bring on.

XXX, - E