Sep 23, 2015

NYX Go-To Palette - Wanderlust

I know these are not new, I have seen reviews for them as early as February of this year. However, they just landed on my local HEB end cap. And, well LOOK at those colors!!

These palettes contain six eye shadows, a blush, highlighter and a bronzer. It is really nice having everything in one place for quick application or travel. NYX typically has such great quality and is relatively drug store priced, I always find new NYX products hard to pass up. There are two palettes, Wanderlust (warm toned)  and Bon Voyage (cooler toned). Naturally I was drawn to the warmer palette with it's earth tones. Bon Voyage is more colorful with an emerald green and navy/purple.

Wanderlust has a cream pearl, pink rust-like shimmer, warm bronze pearl, warm medium matte brown, beige glitter and a bronze plum pearl.  
Both palettes host the same champagne highlight and matte warm contour/bronzer shade. Wanderlust has a peachy toned blush, while Bon Voyage has a cooler toned pink blush.

Typical for NYX, the blush and bronzer are powdery, but they are pigmented and matte. I prefer matte finishes as long as the highlight is glowy, almost celestial. There is a good amount of glow here.

I love that there's no mirror. WHY? I do my makeup in front of a mirror, not in a car. Second, there's no applicator or dual ended brush. Once again, I have cultivated a very careful collection of eye brushes. Dual ended brushes and I do not mix, nor do sponge tipped applicators.


There is one thing that irks me. While I prefer warm earth toned shadows on my eyes I prefer blushers that are pink and cooler in tone.  I am not a fan of the apricot/coral/peach warm blush of the Wanderlust palette.  So while I prefer the shadows of one palette I prefer the blush shade of the other (Bon Voyage). I know the shades were matched to create a cohesive colored palette. But I find that matching my shadow and blush tones does not work for me, as my personal preference is to match my lip product to my blush.  

New at my HEB. This was not there this weekend, but I popped in Tuesday morning for soccer snacks and there it was. Gorgeous shades, wonderful quality. @HEB, @nyxcosmetics, #wanderlust, #pearland2heb
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