Jun 8, 2015

MAC 137 & 221 Brushes

It always starts with my foundation. I needed foundation, so I get online to order some and I realize that MAC has a new collection out with some new brushes. The MAC is Beauty Collection debuted in March, around the time that I had a new baby. So it did not catch my attention until recently. I delayed ordering foundation until I could go into a Macy's and check out the new brushes.

I was amazed when I got my hands on them, the bristles are so fluffy and soft. They are so different from any of my other brushes and anything else that MAC makes. I researched these two particular ones for several weeks and have not found much information regarding them. Everyone seems to just reword the description that MAC uses on their website. So, since I added these guys to my collection, I thought I would share what I use them for in a video.

If your not into watching, I love these two brushes. 

The 137 is great for blush application, especially when using bright or very pigmented blushes. It can also be used for highlighting, setting, and contouring. I was even told by the MAC Makeup Artist that she uses it for contouring the eyelid, creating the crease. It is a little large for the likes of my eyelids, but it's an idea. 

The 221 is a great crease/contour creator. It will literally create the crease on your lid for you. If you have hooded eyelids like I do, then you will appreciate that very much. It has also been suggested that nose contouring would be a great little task for this brush. It is certainly compact and detail orientated enough for that. I just like how it fits where my crease should be and marks it for me.

I purchased these guys at a MAC counter inside Macy's. They were $42 and $24 respectively. There was also a third brush released in the MAC is Beauty Collection, a curved eye liner brush.

New brushes make me feel good!! 
Brushes are game-changers for me, they can change a life. :)

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