Jun 10, 2015

Butter London Tutorial Review & Giveaway

Recently, I received this little package and was thrilled to find some Butter London products. A very thoughtful lady at BL sent me doubles of several products. DOUBLES!!! You know what that means, right?? GIVEAWAY.....

So, I will be giving away all four of the exact same products that were sent to me and featured in my video. You can watch the video here:

Or, you can just take my word for it when I tell you these are wonderful products.

Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black

The mascara is great. I would like to write the book, "Mascara for Dummies." It would totally apply to me and be full of pictures of my mistakes. Since my eyes are so small and my lids so flat, mascara ends up more on my skin than on my actual lids. Criteria for mascara involves small wands with unobtrusive bristles. This one takes the cake. The wand is small enough to get my lashes and the ball at the tip is great for perfecting and separating and also applying mascara to the lower lashes.  The mascara finish is luster like, so not shiny but definitely there.

Wink Eye Pencil in Union Black Jack

This eye pencil is like butter it is so soft and easy to apply. I have this in the shade Earl Grey as well and it is so pigmented and gel-like. Stays put once it's set as it is waterproof and is supposed to wear for 24 hours. I've never worn eye pencil for 24 hours, but I like the notion very much. Takes less than a minute to set completely and washes of easily.  

Nail Lacquer - Ladybird

The yellow tomato red color is wonderful for the warm months of summer. With a newborn, I have enough time for one coat of polish and that does not work too well for many of the bottles that I have on hand. This one works nicely, and I I find that a stroke of this nail polish is all it takes to create a beautiful jelly like nail coating. It even dries rapidly which is another great attribute. What can I say?! I need my hands!!

 Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon - Ladybird

I always love a good lip crayon. You can get easy precise application with one product instead of two, and the handiness of the attached sharpener. My husband said, "Every pencil should come with it's own sharpener. It saves so much time." He's right, of course he is referring to the everyday pencil and the search for the hand held sharpener. We mounted a pencil sharpener in our garage for our daughter when she started grade school, and even then no one wants to walk across the house and out there to sharpen a pencil. It just makes sense and saves time. 

This lip crayon is like Crayolas for grown-ups. The application is effortless and the formula is so moisturizing. I love a good red lip color. It is just so many things, it can be simple and unfussy, it can be avant garde and bold, and it can be dressy or casual. It does not matter how you wear it, it is just plain elegant. The days that I wear a red lip are the days that I get the most compliments on my skin, or my hair. Who doesn't want more compliments!?! I'm telling you, just wear red lipstick!!


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