May 19, 2015

Harper came in like a wrecking ball!

I know, I know. Where have I been?

Everywhere and no where all at the same time. Having a baby wipes you out and with three kids in tow, I find there is not time for much. For six weeks I did very little, just took it day by day, hour by hour. By nature, I am someone who thrives with a schedule. I like routine, it brings function and dependability. In comes baby #3, Harper girl came in like a wrecking ball!

Eva was easily on a schedule from day one and John Abel took to a schedule immediately as well. With both of them I knew when they were hungry, when they were going to be dirty and when they would sleep. I could count on those times to get things like taking a shower or making dinner done. I am grateful that I can say all three of my babies have been relatively easy from the get go. They were/are not criers or fussy. They have been very happy easy going babies. Harper is no different. BUT there was no putting this girl on a schedule. She's been rather unpredictable from the get go. She was feeding non-stop those first three weeks, and now will go anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours between feedings. I really never know when this girl will be hungry. Oh, and did I mention that she doesn't sleep?! Harper takes short little cat naps all day and all night. Which means that I take short little naps all night long. :)

So where have I been? I've been concentrating on just feeding Harper. Establishing a good milk supply. Getting Harper to sleep. Getting Eva to school on time every morning. Making sure that laundry gets done. Picking up Eva in the afternoon. Making sure that John Abel is not forgotten in the midst of his sisters. Making sure that two sets of teeth get brushed thoroughly twice a day. Getting everyone to bed on time at night. Doing a once over on the house to make sure it looks clean when it is not really. Trying to shed some baby weight by just eating clean. Hubby helps when I ask, I am just very hands on when it comes to things so he gets caught up in my whirlwind while trying.

Sticking to no real routine and sort of liking it. Then, I got clearance to workout and all that no routine talk went out the window. I need a routine and while Harper is still not totally on board, she adjusts well enough. Her occasional smile and coo makes it all amicable. I go from work to gym easier this week than I did last week. I get buzzed after 10 minutes because Harper is crying. Somehow though I manage to calm her down, finish my cardio and hit some weights before I hit the 5:30 pm mark (deadline of when I have to be home to start dinner).

All in all I am almost back. I do not fit in any of my clothes, so I am not back to videos or outfit of the days yet, but I will be. SOON!! It takes time. Everyone says that. When I complain about how I look in the mirror, my hubby says "It takes time." My parents say it. My friends say it.

It does, I know it does. I feel more like myself each week. I know there are far worse things happening in the world, and I am grateful that right now in my little world things are good. My kids are happy and healthy! I say that as I suck in the remaining 10lbs.

- Ericka

This is where I spend most of my time now. Breastfeeding in the Pappas Seafood restroom. Fun stuff! Last weekend there were all these gorgeous high school seniors in pretty gowns filing in and out. Seriously, to die for gowns! If you know me, you know that I am not shy. Even while holding an infant to my chest in a women's bathroom I have no shame. I had to know the name of every lipstick they were wearing and where their dresses were from. Eva might be little miss nosy Rosie, but I am the Mrs.!

** Note to all Houston restaurants: Your bathrooms need mirrors like this. 
Selfie mirrors are important!
Kudos if you have changing tables too. (Pappas does)
I'm a pro at changing a diaper in awkward places now, but there are novices out there who would appreciate a proper place to lie a baby down and change a diaper.