Jun 28, 2014

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Saturday workout done. Apparently I sweat more from the back, than the front. Back is drenched. #workout, #t25, #beachbody

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Jun 27, 2014

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B/c my cousin wanted to know what my makeup looks like when I'm working out. All day strong, how else is it going to look? Hehe... #workoutface,

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T25 done. Yay for Friday workouts! #T25 ,@beachbody ,

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You will never guess where these gems came from!!

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Jun 26, 2014

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As requested, a tutorial for the look I've been wearing everyday is up o n YouTube. Simple, quick and easy. Lot's of kid noises though. #youtube, #bvlogger

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Youtube Video - Everyday Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial

Jun 22, 2014

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Maybelline's Chai Latte quad. Lurve this! #maybelline @maybelline #drugstore

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Mattress shopping. We were holding out for our 9th anniversary next month, but our current mattress is finito. As a kid, I had the same mattress for 20 years. Literally slept on it until the day I got married. Nothing is made to last like things lasted back in the day.

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Jun 21, 2014

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From hot mess to me in twenty minutes. K, maybe longer, b/c I stop to fix Eva's hair, button John Abel's shirt, find hubby's belt, referee fight#5764 and clean up mess #698. But I get it done! #hotmess, #ilovemakeup, #faceoftheday, #myfacehasabetterwardrobethanido

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Minimally obsessed with this guy. #crackerjack, #halfjack, #dog, #scruffy

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Greek salad for lunch. #Pappas style

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Guess what lunch is! #vegetables, #fruit, #feta

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Jun 19, 2014

Jun 14, 2014

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Congratulations to my daddy on 40 years of service. He was the youngest Judge when he was elected to his office on June 13, 1974. It was Friday the 13th. Dad's never been superstitious, more a man of faith than anything else. A little pic of a reception held by his office in his honor. #papajudge

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Jun 11, 2014

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Yes! I've been impatiently waiting for this to come. Started day 1 today, totally could not wait until next monday. #T25, #beachbody

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Jun 8, 2014

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Loving these two. H&M. #espadrilles, #summershoes, #hm

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Best food ever. Cafe de olla, mollettes, chilaquiles, barbacoa. Loving it all!! Cuchara #cuchara, #houston

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Jun 7, 2014

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What is it with this flower bed!?!? Everything planted here dies off. Plenty of water and sun. Bed right across where statue is thrives. This one sucks! #help, #nogreenthumb, #gardeningfornumnums

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Stepped inside to get aome water bc the grass is kicking my but this morning. John Abel says, "Mommy, your gemming grass ebrywhare, take your shoes off! So dirrry" and the look on his face. Geez, I just wanted some water! #yesIcutthegrass, #hubbydoestherest, together it takes us an hour instead of two.

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Jun 6, 2014

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Totally looks like Harris Ryland. He can grow this in a couple weeks. Thick, no sparse areas, Serious. #dallas, #harrisryland, #beardsrock,

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Jun 5, 2014

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Spending sometime with our dear friend and the man who helped us celebrate our marriage and our two children.

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Jun 3, 2014

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I am so deeply saddened by the passing of Father Rivers Patout. My heart aches at the loss of this incredible person. Always infinite in his resolve and convictions, and so lively and jolly. He was our family priest and friend, and now we remember our times together so fondly. Oh how I already miss his suspenders and jokes and warm hugs. Rest in peace dear father, I know you have gone home and I know you are watching over those who you touched. The fairways of Houston will miss you, we will miss you, you are so loved.

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Jun 2, 2014

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Newest H&M treasure. #hm, #necklace

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Jun 1, 2014

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Uh oh! Eva diva needed some clothes since school is out and we'll I picked up some stuffs too. Hehe. #H&M, #hm, #haul

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Another mother daughter welfie. #welfie #selfie

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