Oct 3, 2013

Glittering my Boots Tutorial

Target Mossimo Kodi Ankle boot in Taupe, $34.99
Recently I picked up these boots with hopes of DIY'ing the backs with glitter. I have seen so many different takes on the glittered back style. Just Pintrest or Instagram "glitter booties," and there is a plethora of images available.

I picked up gold glitter and glue and armed with newspaper and two paper plates, set off to make this happen. 

Pcaon Gold Glitter $6

Elmer's Rubber Cement, $3.45

Now this is purely glitter crafting 101: 

1. Wait for kid's to take a nap. 
2. Lay down newspaper. 
3. Grab two paper plates, glitter and glue.  
4. Clean off area of shoe to be glittered. 
5. Brush on glue to a smallish area.
6.  Position shoe above one of the paper plates and sprinkle on glitter. (Excess falls into the plate below.)
7.  Brush glue onto another smallish area and sprinkle some more. And so on.....
8. When enough excess glitter accumulates in the first paper plate replace it with the second one and use the glitter in the first paper plate to sprinkle glitter on. This way less gets wasted. 
9. Let it dry a couple of hours. OR if your impatient like me 30 minutes.

REPEAT for a second coat of glitter. 
1. Brush glue on smallish section right on top of glitter.
2. Apply a sceond coat of glitter.
3. Swap paper plates occasionally so that your excess glitter gets used. 
4. Let Dry for a couple of hours (or just 30 minutes) 

REPEAT glue application one final time to "Seal" in glitter. Let dry for a day. 

SCRATCH THAT.  Rubber Cement does NOT stop the glitter from falling off.

SEARCHING FOR glue that will seal (lock) the glitter in place, but not dull the glitter.

Hmmmm,,, maybe modge podge? I will let you know what I find. In the meantime I love my shoes, the glitter trail I leave behind me? Not so much. But hey, at least you know where I was!! 

If you want something dressier, then check out these babies:

Target Merona Molly Heel Booties in Black and Grey, $32.99 
Sort of Miu Miu-esque, right? I would totally do the grey ones with gunmetal glitter, very pretty!!