Jan 22, 2013

What to Wear?

Usually I have no problems regarding what I will wear to a special event. I only purchase dresses that I am absolutely in love with and have no qualms wearing and re-wearing them over and over again. UNTIL now.

Recently I took a liking to Rent the Runway. A website dedicated to gorgeous dresses that are appropriate for any and all occasions. For a rental fee you can have a new dress to wear in two different sizes conveniently sent to you wherever you are the day before you need it. No need to worry about dry cleaning it is taken care of. All you have to do is where the dress, love it, take lots of pictures in it and then send it back in an envelope that is provided the next day. Simple. Easy. So much fun!!

Now I find myself pouring over the site for hours at a time saving my favorite dresses. I have An April wedding and a June wedding to attend and I have 98 choices. YES, I have 98 dresses to choose from.


I know, I know. I am but a lowly wedding guest. On the totem pole of wedding hierarchy my dress falls in the "who cares," category. Let's face it. I am not the bride. I am not a sister of the bride. I am not the bride's best friend (that would be my sister), I have no relation to the bride what so ever. I simply grew up down the street from the bride and her family.

BUT the bride was at my house ALL the time. Of course I was older and way too cool to actually hang out with the bride and my sister, but nonetheless I will be one of the women with a pack of tissues weeping as the bride walks down the aisle. (WOW, I just called myself a woman and not a girl. Confirmation that I am getting older.)

Anyhoo, back to my dress. I know my dress does not count so much as lots of other dresses will. However,  I still find myself plagued with the question of what to wear. With a closet full of 98 choices I have no idea where to begin. AND that is just this wedding.

I will set the parameters for the dress at cocktail attire. Seems easy enough.


As for the wedding in June, here are my picks.....

Is it too hot in June for a full length? It will be a formal wedding. Catholic ceremony and all. 

All images are from  Rent the Runway.

The neat thing is you do not have to wait for a wedding or special occasion to rent a dress. They have great options that are perfect for Valentine's Day, your next Birthday, anniversaries, other parties. 

XX ~ E