Jan 23, 2013

Hunter Rain Boots

I have longed for a pair of rain boots for over 3 years now. I realized how badly I wanted some in the midst of Houston's worst drought and convinced myself that they were frivolous since it was not and had not rained in so long. Two years later, Houston still has not completely recovered and rain seems like a dream sometimes. It did rain last year, but not enough to convince me that I needed a pair in my closet. 

I have used my Tory Burch Jelly Flats for rainy days for 2 years now and I just really want a pair of rain boots. 

Question is what color??? 
Hunter has tons of them and aside from the expected Hunter Green or Navy, I am really liking these:

Pillar Box Red

The red really pulls at my heartstrings. I mean on a rainy day do you want to look down at muddy black boots or muddy shiny red boots??

I might have answered myself here. 

Now can we just get some rain???

XX ~ E