Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Essie Sleek Sticks

YAY Essie!! 

Nail stickers. Finally.

While I do not aspire to wear these on every single nail at one time. I do see myself using them as a topper or accent for my accent nail. For me, my accent nail would be my left hand ring finger. I have opted for my pointer finger from time to time as well. These stickers might inspire me to try every single finger at some point in time. LOVE!!
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stickers and stones

LOVE. Great accent choice!
Imagine all white and this as a pop. 

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don't cheetah on me

Very pretty. Not my style though. I will skip. 

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embrace the lace

LOVE! I see this with a neutral nail. 

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glam it on

LOVE. I see this with a neutral look also, very elegant as an accent. 

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oh my gold!

Gorgeous with a white manicure!!

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over the moon

Fabulous worn with  a matching mauve manicure!!

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love to love you

Imagine  a white manicure or a black one for some edge. 

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Pretty!! Once again an all white manicure or some blues. 

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so haute!

All white nails, all red nails, even all gold. 

*photo courtesy of
steel the show

LOVE!! Perfect with any color. Neutral, White, Black, etc. 

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croc n' chic

I do not wear green polish, but I could totally see this with one.
I would use with a taupe manicure. 

*photo courtesy of
a to zebra

Not my style. But would look great with a black manicure, or a white one. 

So there you have it. Essie's new sticker collection, along with my picks and my not so picks. LOL!!

XX ~ E

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  1. These are cool. I have tried other brands and used them as accent nails on my blog. But because some of these are more subtle, I could possibly use them on all of my nails:) Can't wait to try them.