Nov 28, 2012

November PopSugar Must Have Box

 Gorjana Leather Wrap Bracelet
I have already worn this and love it!! 

 MOR Lip Nectar
My lips and my daughter's lips love this product. 

 Thank You Cards.

My hubby already used the orange flavored spice to flavor grilled chicken we were adding to a salad. It was AWESOME!!! 

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix
Hubby used this Thanksgiving weekend and instead of donuts he made little mini muffins. They were delicious and sooooo cute!! 

Yogalosophy DVD

For more information on Popsugar's Must Have box:
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Nov 7, 2012


Toppers - I know you think hats. But I think Jackets. Blazers. Even Sweaters.

In Houston you will find that the opportunities for serious coat are few. Literally. We will have jacket weather for much longer during the fall and winter than most other parts. Our cold snaps are just that. They are gone with a snap. So I love a nice topper. Just something to put on so that you stay warm against any wind or cooler temperature. A great aspect of a good topper is that it instantly vamps up your outfit and finishes you.

Go for a good old standby like a simple but trusty blazer. NEVER ever underestimate the power of a simple black blazer. Just put it on over what you are wearing now and voila! Tee shirt, jeans and converse just got really edgy!!

One of my secret places to get such things like toppers is Target. I know, how can Target be anyone's secret anymore? I find so many things there, it's an obsession, and for the price? All these options below are under $40. I love to tell someone that something is from Target when they compliment it. The look of surprise on their face is awesome!!

I will let you in on another secret of mine. (*Shhh, do not tell anyone, this is cheating!) Okay, I have templates laid out that I use to create a model for picking out outfits. This is something like a bottom layer for outfits. Things that I know work well together and I can mix up to change. Yes I have these templates written down, but I have also memorized them. I gave you one already and this is how it looks simply written on a sheet of paper hanging in my closet:

Tee Shirt
Bootcut Jeans
Converse Sneakers

A very simple equation considering that math and I do not get along. Target has always done good by the classic blazer and now a days you can find so many modern and trendy versions to play with. 

Casual options that are great with riding boots or a pair of ballet flats. 

Merona® Women's Tailored Blazer - Assorted Colors
Merona Tailored Blazer
Merona® Women's Tailored Blazer w/Binding - Heather Gray
Merona Tailored Blazer with Binding
Mossimo® Women's Ponte Jacket w/Front Button - Assorted Colors
Mossimo Ponte Knit Jacket $29.99
The black ponte knit one is currently my go to black blazer. I just acquired it as a more casual option than my formal blazer. It is important to distinguish the two as the one I had always felt too stiff with a pair of jeans.

Think of these blazers paired with jeans, leggings, riding boots and ballet flats or sneakers.

For more dressier or edgier options: 
Mossimo® Women's Sequined Fashion Jacket
Mossimo Sequined Sleeve Jacket, $39.99
Kirna Zabete for Target® Long-sleeve Blazer in Navy/Black Colorblock
Kirna Zabete for Target, $34.98

Mossimo® Petites Front-Zippered Tweed Jacket - Black/Green
Mossimo Front Zippered Tweed, $ 34.99
Merona® Women's Boucle Jacket - Black
Merona Boucle Jacket, $ 34.99
Mossimo® Women's Tweed Jacket
Mossimo Tweed Jacket, $34.99

Mossimo® Women's Red Tweed Jacket
Mossimo Front Zippered Tweed, $34.99

In my opinion, dressy and edgy go together. I find that edgy pieces dress up incredibly well and can be paired with simple silhouettes to create a stunning outfit. **I have the Mossimo Front Zippered Tweed jacket and LOVE it!!

Pair the options above with dressy slacks or pencil skirts for work. Consider taking them out at night with a pair of skinny jeans or leather pants and heels.

Another favorite of mine would be the Converse line of casual jackets. Going back to the template that I gave you earlier make the topper a simple jacket like these and have a great look.
Converse® One Star® Women's Logan Jacket
Converse Logan Jacket, $34.99

Converse® One Star® Women's Rosemaid Jacket - Wolf Gray
Converse Rosemaid Jacket, $27.99
Xhilaration® Juniors Moto Jacket - Assorted Colors
Xhilaration Juniors Moto Jacket, $29.99

Not all my toppers are from Target, but there is just such a huge selection right now and Target is following along so closely with all the latest trends that I thought I would share some ideas with you. 

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*All pictures were borrowed from

Nov 1, 2012

Running Series - Part 3 - Shoes & Sports Bras

Now that you have my story and clearance. You can click on those links to see the previous posts. We can move onto gear. 

Shoes first because we run with our feet not with our gals. LOL.  

This is very important: RUN in RUNNING shoes. I can not stress that enough!!

*photo from
Nike Women's Shox Classic II Running Shoe $119.99

A "tennis" shoe is a broad term that is used to cover a number of sports shoes. 

 Would you wear an oven mitt to catch a baseball? They are both mitts!!
*photo from

Then why on earth would you run in a shoe that is not meant for running??? Now an argument can be made for products like Skele-toes and other barefoot running products. I am a fan of shoes all the way around. 

I wish I could let you in on some HUGE secret here as to exactly what kind to buy. But the truth is you are different, your feet are different, the way your body absorbs shock is different. You will run differently than I do. Therefore the type of shoes, cushioning, and support will change. You will more than likely go through lots of shoes before you find the brand or style that you like most.

I would suggest getting fitted at a running store where they can measure your foot and guide you in the right kind of cushion and support. This will help you become familiar with a running shoe and what you need. You do not have to buy from that particular store, but you will have a basis for comparison.  

Next, you should buy the best that you can afford. There are so many brands to choose from and there are great ones across every price point. Cushioning and support is what makes a good running shoe stand apart from the vast array of "tennis" shoes that are available. Cushioning helps absorb shock. Your bringing the weight of your entire body down very rapidly onto your midfoot. Think about that. Even if you were 100 lbs. that is a lot of weight to hit your foot and then travel up through your leg to your knees. 

As for me and my particular style. I love Nike. These are my current running shoes. 

I have a pair of older ones too that I use regularly as well. I love a light colored shoe and have always opted for the lighter colored ones. My husband however taught me something in the shoe department. Go with the darker colors. The dirt does not show as much so they stay nicer looking longer. I take his advice now and usually just let him help me choose. The man owns at least 10-15 pairs of Nike running shoes. 

Running Gear:               Running Shoes
Amount you need:         1 pair is good. They last for a while, depending on your running habits. 
Cost:                            $40 - $180.00+ depending
Level of Importance:     How important are your feet and your knees and your spine? 

Sports Bras.

You need good support

You've seen it before the lady who runs with her gals smacking her in the face the whole time. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy...... OUCH!! How do you manage?? I feel so uncomfortable with even a little bounce. After my son was born and with my daughter there was no sports bra that could tame my gals. I was breastfeeding and trying to lose the baby weight. So I would double up. YES, I said double up.Wear two to keep them compressed. This actually helped so much with the pain of breastfeeding and the bounce. Now, I am still breastfeeding, but I only need one. 

Of course this too like most things is all about your personal preference. I like my sports bras to feel snug and firmly held against my upper body. You might like a little less support or a little more even. Go for a racer back version - the crisscross across you upper back helps distribute the weight and gives great support. Front zippers are awesome as they are super easy to put on. 

I love Champions sports bras from Target (19.99) and Nike ones alike. 
*picture from
Champions Double Dry Zip Front Sports Bra $39.99

*picture from
Nike Fully Adjustable X-back Sports Bra $44.99

 There is even a very structured, very serious one that I admire, by Under Armour, at my local  Academy all the time. 
*photo from
Under Armour Women's Sports Bra $57.99

*Wash these and any sports clothing as soon as you can. Do not let them sit in your dirty clothes. They will smell and make the other clothes that surround them smell. At least rinse them out in cold water if you have a day or two before you next load of laundry  DO NOT Machine Dry. You can wash them in cold water in a washing machine. Lay them out to dry though. This will help the materials (dryfit) from deteriorating.

Running Gear:               Running Shoes
Amount you need:         2+, depending on how often you run. I have 5. 
Cost:                            $19.99 - $180.00+ depending
Level of Importance:     How important are your girls and your back. OH, your back.  

Proper clothing is important too, but NOTHING is more important than a good running shoe and a sports bra.  

Next installment will be Clothing followed by Running Form. 

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