Oct 24, 2012

Essie - Winter Collection 2012

YAY for a new collection.
*All photos courtesy of Essie.com

I never can get enough Essie polishes. Just when I think I have every color I might need a new collection debuts and well, there are more colors that I need.

I really can not tell you how happy the little square bottles of color make me. Giddy. Like my five year old in a candy store. Literally.

I was so excited to see an ad for this collection in a recent edition of Allure. The colors are a little unexpected for winter. So bright and happy and different from the dark and moody colors that I love. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto it amongst the shelves of Target. Yippee!!

*photo courtesy of Essie.com
Leading Lady (red glitter)

This one really surprised me. I initially wrote it off, but in person it was gorgeous. I have no red glitter in my collection and everyone needs a little red glitter in their life. Right? 
Picked it up already. 

*photo courtesy of Essie.com
Butler Please (bright blue)
LOVE this color. I love blues, love them. Just look at THAT color and tell me it does not make you smile. If I buy this it would be just to HAVE a bottle full of that color. I want to be able to wear blues so badly, but I have said it before they make my hands look bad. They bring out the veins in my hand. Weird? 

*photo courtesy of Essie.com
Beyond Cozy ( silvery gold glitter)
I knew this was a polish I was adding to my collection the minute I saw it. Silver gold?? I have silver and I have gold glitters, but I do not have a silver gold. Holding it in my hand however I realized that it looks exactly like a silver glitter by Orly called Tiara. A little more silver than gold in real life. Seeing it here though I  might change my mind, it looks so silvery gold. Touche.

*photo courtesy of Essie.com
Snap Happy (red orange)
So pretty. Red oranges are so exhilarating. This seems perfect as a winter pick me up. If I can find it. 

*photo courtesy of Essie.com
Where's My Chauffeur
I needed this. While blues and greens do not look good on my hands, turquoises and teals totally work. This is just such a pretty color and if it snowed here, this is what I would want on my fingers to play in the snow. Why does it remind me of a snowflake? I want a white statement nail with this one. I also want a silver/gold glitter statement nail. Picked it up already. 

*photo courtesy of Essie.com
She's Pampered (red)
Another red. I love when collections feature both a blue red and an orange red. 
When it comes to red I can be very distinctively in the mood for one or the other. 

So I already got ":Leading Lady," and "Where's My Chauffeur." I am leaving myself open to the possibility of both reds in the future, if I find them. Like all my Essie shades I wear them year round not just season by season. Although I do tend to be very dark and moody in the colder months and brighter in the warmer months, but I live in Houston. Distinctive seasons are a technicality. It is technically fall right now and I am sitting here in shorts and sandals.

XX ~ E