May 1, 2012


Received my very own copy of Turbofire in the mail today. YAY!! Cute packaging.

Here is what was inside:

NOW for the embarrassing part. This is hard for me. I love how I look with clothes on. But when I bare my belly my self confidence goes out the door!

"Before" Photos:

Front View

Rear View
Side View - "Mommy Tummy"

Hopefully I will have some happier pictures to post in a couple of weeks.

Day 1.
Monday - April 30, 2012

  • Take "before" photos. - CHECK.
  • Take measurements - CHECK :(

Measurements are as follows:
Chest: 35" (still breastfeeding)
R. Arm: 10 1/2"
L. Arm: 10 1/2"
Waist: 29"
Hips: 34"
R. Thigh: 19"
L. Thigh: 19"

Total Inches: none yet
Weight: 123

I completed the workout for the first day of Turbofire and it felt great. I am a little uncordinated when it comes to the moves, but they are NEW. I also feel like I am flailing around half the time jabbing the wrong arm out or kicking the wrong leg at the wrong time, but I know this will get better. After 40 minutes of the FireStart DVD the Stretch 10 class was blissful!! It felt great.

I have designated a pair of tennis shoes solely for Turbofire so that my running shoes remain for outside usage and my Turbofire shoes are for inside usage. The "Jump Mat" would come in handy now since I am working out on carpet. It would be easier with that under foot and also save some wear on my carpet. I also want to look into the "Turbo Sculpting Gloves" they boost the intensity for more tone in the arm and shoulder areas. You guys know I want Madonna arms!!

I had my normal protein oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch was 2 Salsa Roja wraps from McDonald's (not the greatest and I am not proud) and dinner was Turkey Chili.

I want to try Shakeology. It is a meal replacement shake that you drink as your breakfast or your lucnh. I will most likely use it for lunch. I love my morning oatmeal way too much to give it up, and by adding the protein in it is a well-balanced meal. So lunch it will be. Now to decide on Chocolate, Greenberry or Strawberry.

I will update daily.