Feb 23, 2012


Okay I am bad.

I say I want to keep up with my blog.
Then I don't.

I say I want to start taking pics of my outfits,
Then I don't.

Partly to blame is the fact that I have NO IDEA what I am doing half the time and wing everything.

That's right. I make videos because it's easy.
I use a web cam because it's easy.
I do not edit because it's easy.

Do you see a trend here???

Blogging is not easy.
Taking a good picture is hard.
Finding someone to take that picture is hard.
Finding a nice background for that picture is hard.
Explaining to someone what kind of picture you want is hard.
Then when you finally get that picture  - what do you do with it??

How do you get that picture into your computer?
How do you edit that picture?
How do you get a cool little banner on that picture?

I have the same questions about vlogging too. But I like to talk so it makes up for the lack of editing in my vids. Or, umm, I think it does anyway.

I really do want to start bloggin regularly though. Like really.
No, Really I mean it.

My new goal - I want to update this blog on the days that I do not vlog. So when there is no new video at least there is a new blog post. NOW, I just have to do it.

Where do I fit in taking pictures with a cool background whilst I have my kid's with me??

XX ~ E