Nov 11, 2010

2 Chix T-Shirt

Here are some other 2chix tees that I am loving:

Not very clear I know, but I hope you can get the idea!!!

Nov 5, 2010

My Hair & Maintenance

Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings
Maternity Leggings by TheStyleChron featuring a leggings maternity

A Pea in the Pod Pants $39, Isabella Oliver Easy Leggings $59, Be Maternity Seamless Leggings  $25, Assets by Spanx for Target Leggings $18, Gap Maternity Leggings $27,  Old Navy Leggings $17, Old Navy Low Rise Leggings $13

One of the very first purchases I made after realizing I was pregnant again was a pair of uber comfortable stretchy leggings. I bought them very early I admit. Aside from the urge to dive into the task of finding NICE maternity clothes head on, I wanted what my favorite blue jeans and shorts were not giving me. I wanted comfort! There was no belly showing, I had not gained any weight in fact, however for some reason I was easily frustrated by my favorite clothing. I got the Be Maternity Leggings from Target and fell in love. So in love that these will be worn for years to come pregnant or not. The fabric is comparable to a very heavy opaque pair of tights. They cover everything, yet feel light and airy at the same time.

Nov 4, 2010

YSL - Rouge Couture Lipstick

YSL - Rouge Couture Lipstick
YSL - Rouge Couture Lipstick by TheStyleChron on

One of the best lipstick formulas I have tried in a very long time. Not too shiny, but not quite matte with a super luxurious satiny finish. It feels sooo good on my lips and stayed forever.

Chocolate Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial